Experience the Efficiency of
Instant Tyre Pressure Adjustment

Using the same tyre pressure for all loads, speeds and road types is inefficient.

A central tyre inflation system allows the vehicle operator to adjust pressures in response to changing operating conditions.

Ultimately this optimises tyre performance and improves efficiency.

Central tyre inflation benefits include:

Vehicle Benefits

  • Increased traction, improved vehicle mobility and utilisation
  • Higher off-highway travel speeds
  • Improved driver comfort
  • Reduced vibrational damage and shock loading
  • Increased tyre life

Forest Benefits

  • Reduced road construction costs
  • Reduced road maintenance requirements and costs
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Extended hauling season

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After purchasing a trial system, almost all companies have subsequently fitted additional central tyre inflation systems.

We can install within New Zealand or we can supply equipment overseas and if necessary install.

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