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  • Tyre/Tire  life
  • Fuel savings
  • Driver comfort
  • Traction & mobility

Faster Off-Highway

Safely achieve higher speeds
on forestry roads with effortless tyre
pressure adjustment.

Reduced Vibrational Damage
& Shock Loading

Increase the life of drive shafts and
differentials, and save on
maintenance costs.

Match Your Tyre Pressures
with Any Condition

Simple pre-set options let you change
tyre pressures to best suit your needs
as they change.


'Treading Softly'

Central Tyre Inflation for Improved Efficiency

At Bigfoot Equipment Ltd our central tyre inflation systems allow you to adjust tyre pressures to suit the load, speed and road type without leaving your truck.

It’s the easy way to improve efficiency through increased tyre life, reduced maintenance costs, fuel savings and being able to reach higher speeds on forestry roads.

In fact many forestry operators are making central tyre inflation a requirement.

Talk to us today and we’ll provide a quote for your truck and trailer.

We’ll come to you or we'll have a service agent install our Central Tyre Inflation System on your truck.

We ship our systems worldwide.

Instant Tyre Pressure Adjustment with
Central Tyre Inflation

Bigfoot Central Tyre Inflation fits any truck or trailer with instant tyre pressure adjustment controls. Discover what Bigfoot can do for you today.

New Display.

Fits into a standard 1Din/ISO radio slot
Simple rocker up/down to adjust pressure settings
Download functionality and can be linked to Telematics systems


Bigfoot Agricultural Range.