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The Bigfoot CTI System

Bigfoot Central Tyre Inflation System gives operators the ability to adjust tyre pressures from the cab to suit the speed and weight of the vehicle.

1. The Display

Bigfoots in-cab Display allows the driver to select tyre-pressure modes to match current conditions, displaying current tyre pressures, selected modes and system status. The Display offers GPS based speed sensing to monitor speed and pressure. If a vehicle speed increases higher than intended for the selected tyre pressure, the system will warn the operator and automatically inflate the tyres to correct pressure for the new speed if ignored.

2. The ‘Optitraction’ System

The system processes driver commands, monitors all signals throughout the system and tells the system to constantly monitor tyre pressures. The ECU sends commands to the pneumatic valves and display, giving the operator real-time information.

3. The Wheel Gear

Delivering the air to the wheels while in motion for all makes and models of trucks the kit comprises of hoses, manifolds, rotating unions, which connects tyre valves to the trucks air system.

4. The Support

Every system comes with full factory backup, including technical support and access to a full inventory of spares and parts. Whether you’re across town or across the globe, Bigfoot's got your back.


On Demand

Adjust or select tyre pressures at the touch of a button


Fully programmable, preset up to <?> sets of tyre pressures


Manage the tyre pressures of one,
two or three sets of wheels from a single control unit

Speed Sensor

GPS Speed Sensor prevents operating outside safe speeds for selected tyre pressures


Can be installed
on drive, steering
or trailer wheels

Alert Me

Integrated diagnostics alert the driver of potential problems

Real time Display

Live display of current tyre pressures

Leak Detection

In the event of a
slow leak the system maintains pressure automatically based on the selected pressure the driver has set

Auto Maintain

Optitraction ECU monitors and maintains selected pressure


Potential Benefits

Why would you install a Bigfoot CTI System?

For the Truck Owner

  • Payback period for truck owners typically ranging from 1 to 5 years

  • Reduced truck repairs and maintenance costs

  • Reduced tyre failure and wear

  • Typical fuel savings ranging from -1 to +7%

  • Improved traction and mobility

  • Less bogging of vehicles or need for a vehicle assist

  • Unassisted grade climbing advantage

  • Improved productivity due to less downtime and higher operating speeds on rough terrain

  • Greater payload capability

  • Longer operating season with increased revenue earning potential

  • Improved recruitment and retention of drivers


For the Operator

  • Improved driver comfort

  • Reduced fatigue and back problems for drivers

  • More control and safer vehicle operation

  • Reduced stopping distances in emergencies

  • Greater confidence in the ability to “get in, pick up a load, and get out again”

For the Land Owner

  • Reduced road maintenance costs

  • Reduced road construction costs

  • “Healing” of damaged roads

  • Reduced damage to public roads

  • Extended operating season and greater revenue earning potential for the land owner

  • Improved ability to supply to landowner’s customer in a timely manner

  • Reduced harvesting costs on steep terrain for forest owners through better landing location

  • Reduced environmental impacts


Benefits of Bigfoot CTI Systems

Try our return on investment calculator to see if a Bigfoot CTI System is right for you! Need further convincing? Learn more about the benefits of using the Bigfoot CTI System by downloading our market report.

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