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Bigfoot: a BIG opportunity in Canada

The Bigfoot Tire Pressure Control system (Bigfoot CTI) is tried, tested and proven in some of the toughest conditions on the planet. With the largest market share of any tire pressure control system in both our home market New Zealand and the United Kingdom, we are now ready to add more territories. Having identified Canada as our next strategic growth market we’re now seeking representation.

The perfect companion product for your transport engineering business

If your business currently supports niche transport sectors that operate in challenging environments such as forestry, agriculture or the oil & gas industry the Bigfoot CTI system will be a valuable addition to your product and service offering.


As current distributors have demonstrated, if your business currently services a customer base that would benefit from a tire pressure control system you can expect an excellent adoption rate of the Bigfoot CTI system.

Market potential? BIG!

The Bigfoot CTI system proves its value over and over, as demonstrated by our success in highly competitive markets with big-name competitors.


Once Bigfoot joins a local market, we quickly become the preferred option for trucking business. Bigfoot continues to grow its market share in New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom and Europe and is now responding to increasing demand from the US and Canadian markets.

Bigfoot CTI sells itself

For a transport engineering business, the Bigfoot CTI system is a superb way to value-add to your current product line, allowing you to up-sell your existing customers with a tire pressure control system that offers them an instant uplift in efficiency, productivity and safety.


The cost to benefit ratio and ease of use make it an easy purchase decision for any truck owner/fleet operator.

Over 30 years of development

One of the key reasons the Bigfoot system has grown to dominate its chosen markets is the quality and integrity of the system.


With nearly 30 years of in-market development, the Bigfoot CTI system has evolved into the perfect balance of functional engineering – being mechanically and functionally simple yet powered and supported by sophisticated best in class software. 

Low setup cost, easy after sales care

Bigfoot is an inherently simple system requiring minimal tooling for installation and a very simple inventory of parts to service and maintain. Warranty claims are rare, likewise, field repairs and faults are infrequent and usually only occur due to operator damage.

To request a video call to discuss this opportunity contact Graham Wylie

If you’re a successful transport engineering business in Canada with customers who would benefit from a Central tire Inflation system now’s the time to talk to Bigfoot.

Learn about the Bigfoot CTI system here

Learn about the company here


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