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Bigfoot's Outer Tyre Hoses are specifically designed for connecting the air supply from the axle kit to the outer tyre valve, these hoses ensure a dependable, secure fit every time. Available in various lengths to suit, each black hose is meticulously cut and equipped with a 7/16 JIC fitting and tyre valve connector.

The 180mm outer tyre hose is for trailer axle kits.

North American trucks with Alloy rims 225mm.

Outer tyre hose with 90degree fitting:

  • 225mm (super single trailers)
  • 250mm (Steer axles)
  • 320mm (Spreaders)

Outer tyre hose with 180degree fitting: (Curved or Planetary)

  • 225mm to fit non-hub reduction European and Japanese trucks
  • 250mm North American trucks (R24.5 rims)

Hub Reduction:

  • 295mm Scania 3-bolt
  • 320mm Scania 4-bolt, DAF, Volvo 

Outer Tyre Hose