Using Central Tyre Inflation System:
How it Works

Our central tyre inflation system is an electro-mechanical system that permits the vehicle operator to vary tyre inflation pressures from the cab while the truck is in motion.

It's very simple to operate.

The pressures are pre-set by the tyre manufacturer and correspond to the truck and trailer’s speed and tyre loading.

For example, a log truck typically has pressure settings corresponding to loaded travel on a forestry road, loaded travel on the highway, empty in the forest, and empty on the highway.

In this case the central tyre inflation controller would have four settings and the driver would merely alternate between them.

Central Tyre Inflation System Features

  • Adaptable to fit any truck and trailer
  • Easily transferable
  • Expandable from one zone (drive tyres) to two, or three zones
  • Provides live display of tyre pressures
  • Operates reliably on vehicles not fitted with an air dryer

Note: Bias ply tyres are generally not compatible with central tyre inflation systems because when they are deflated their sidewalls deflect excessively and their tread faces deform.

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