Basic system trouble shooting

Things to make note of

  1. Make sure the truck air system has at least 105psi registering.
  2. Take note of the display information i.e.
  3. Low air illuminated
  4. Inflate or deflate operating (or not)
  5. 12 volt systems require at least 10.5 volts to energize and activate the system

The Bigfoot CTI system has an inbuilt safety system which will NOT allow the system to operate while the low air LED is illuminated, reserving available air supply for the trucks brake system operation.

  1. Check the drain tap on the system air tank to make sure air is flowing into the system
  2. If the system is trying to inflate, the LED will show this on the drivers display, the inflate LED will be operating on the control box, and the LED on the inflate solenoid plug will also be on.  When deflating, the LED’s in the display, control box and deflate solenoid will all be operating.

The following steps will require you to view the solenoid valves that activate Central Tyre Inflation System.

  1. The solenoid valves are electrically energized and control the flow of air for inflation and deflation.
  2. If inflating the LED indicator light will energize and air will flow from the tank to the tires, If deflating the deflate solenoid valve LED indicator will energize and air will exhaust from the Mac valve.

Be aware of compressed air exhausting from the deflate solenoid valve when system is deflating, it is advisable to wear eye protection when this valve is exhausting air.

  1. Solenoid valves have a manual override, if the LED indicator light is on, the valve should be active, if not then manually override the valve once or twice to relieve any possible obstruction.
  2. Refurbishment kits are available should any problems persist with the valve or total replacement may be required.

If a problem still exists, by removing the top from the control box, a number of functions can be observed.

  1. An LED will glow if power is supplied. If you know power is present, and the power LED is not energised then it is most likely reverse voltage is present. The system is protected against reverse voltage, correcting the voltage should start the system.
  2. Next to the power supply LED, there are another 3 LEDs.  The top LED should be flashing at a steady pace of 2 x every second. If it is flashing faster than this (too fast to count), it is indicating that that the control box is not communicating with the driver’s display.  Perhaps the display is not plugged in, or the display is faulty
  3. Close to the solenoid plug are two LEDS. The left hand LED is the deflate LED, with the right hand LED being the inflate LED.
  4. On the right hand side of the control box, located in between the two pressure sensors, is the “Low Air” LED.  When this LED is enegised, it indicates that there is low air pressure in the CTI wet tank, and the inflate solenoid is de-activated.  This is an air brake protection device, and simply reserves any remaining air pressure in the vehicle for the operation of the braking system.  When the air pressure is restored again, the low air pressure LED will go out, and if required the inflate solenoid will be energized again to inflate the tires.

If any further assistance is required, please make contact with the us by using our contact details.