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With a Bigfoot onboard
you’ll monster any surface

Make light work of any surface using the OptiTraction footprint with a Bigfoot CTI System

Optimal footprint, Optimal traction, Optimal efficiency…

Bigfoot Central Tyre Inflation System (CTIS) gives operators the ability to adjust tyre pressures from the cab to suit the speed and weight of the vehicle.

Lowering the air pressure in a tyre creates a larger area of contact between the tyre and the ground increasing traction/floatation on loose or soft surfaces decreasing roll resistance. Higher pressures on smoother surfaces ensure rolling efficiency is maintained.


By giving the driver direct control over tyre air pressure the optimum tyre footprint for a given surface and load can be maintained.

Bigfoot CTI generation 2 display

"Initially developed for the military to increase the mobility of vehicles on soft and poor traction surfaces, operators can use central tyre inflation to match tyre pressures with the load and speed of the vehicle."

CTI Systems Available

Bigfoot Single Zone CTI system fitted to logging truck

Single Zone

Dual Zone Bigfoot CTI system installed on agricultural spreader, front steer axle and rear drive axle.

Dual Zone

Multizone Bigfoot CTI system installed

Multi Zone

Bigfoot Payback Calculator to help calculate truck driver potential savings

Benefits of Bigfoot CTI Systems

Try our return on investment calculator to see if a Bigfoot CTI System is right for you! Need further convincing? Learn more about the benefits of using the Bigfoot CTI System by downloading our market report.

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